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Project: Molecular Biology of the Cell

Client: Garland Science/WW Norton


Molecular Biology of the Cell is the best-selling biology textbook on the market, described as “the definitive text in cell biology”. Working closely with scientist and author Keith Roberts, I have provided figures for Molecular Biology of the Cell since it went into full colour with its 3rd edition. The current 6th edition contains over 1500 schematic illustrations.


“ Nigel is simply the best graphic designer I know – a concise verdict based on my 30 years of working closely with him, on multiple book illustration projects and numerous smaller design jobs. His strengths in illustration projects include patience, clarity and imagination, all crucial to his success. His basic drawing-board skills are outstanding, but these are allied to a deep knowledge of computer-based programmes such as In Design and Illustrator, making for a formidable overall skill set. 

Prof. Keith Roberts

Emeritus Professor, School of Biological Sciences, UEA

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